Dosha Analysis

The Dosha Analysis is an insightful and scientific way to discover your mind / body type, bring forward your best qualities and live in balance with your own body. It is quick and easy to use. Answer each question providing the response that best describes you, tick only one that feels most true to you..The quiz is not meant to provide a definitive diagnosis of your mind / body type. However, the quiz will provide you with an indication of the proportion of vata, pitta and kapha in your body, along with helpful diet, health and exercise tips, to assist you to live in balance.
The Dosha (Vata / Pitta / Kapha) analysis Quiz based was developed by Yogi Nityanandam Shree.

Do you know Dosha? I mean do you know what a dosha is? If not, then read up. Once you understand what a dosha is, take a dosha test below to determine your unique dosha balance.


General Characteristic

BODY FRAME (Physique)
(a) Thin, bony and small framed; hardly gain weight
(b) Medium build; gain weight easily
(c) Large, well proportioned; gain easily but difficult to loose.
(a) Walk or Talk fast
(b) Moderate and determined walk
(c) Slow and steady gait
(a) I enjoy warm, but feel uncomfort in cool weather
(b) I love cool weather, I dislike a warm climate
(c) I like warm, but a version to cool and damp
(a) I sweat little but not much
(b) I sweat very much
(c) I never sweat, unless working hard
(a) Irregular; sometimes i feel hungry, sometimes not
(b) Strong and sharp; i always feel hungry
(c) Medium to low; tendency to eat for comfort & taste
SKIN (Generally)
(a) Normal to dry, rough, thin & cool
(b) Normal to oily, soft, reddish and warm
(c) Normal to oily, soft, thick & cool
SKIN (When imbalanced)
(a) Dull, dry, wrinkled and dehydrated
(b) Reddish, inflamed and sensitive to chemicals
(c) Excessive oily, likely to itching & fungal infections
(a) Rough, Dry and wavy
(b) Normal, straight and brownish
(c) Thick, curly and oily
(a) Small, feel dry and sleepy eyes often
(b) Medium, Reddish often
(c) Big and attractive, full of eyelashes
(a) Crackling sound in joints
(b) Black moles and freckles
(c) Un-proportionate body

Mental and Emotional Characteristic

(a) Quick to learn and quick to forget (short term memory is good)
(b) Average to learn and never forget
(c) Slow to learn, but don’t forget easily (long term memory is good)
(a) Mind gets restless easily
(b) Get impatient or aggressive easily
(c) It takes a lot to make me angry
(a) Over Thinking
(b) Quick implementation
(c) Lazy implementation
(a) Light and disturbed (I easily wake up in the morning)
(b) Moderate but regular (I can go back to sleep easily)
(c) Deep and heavy (I can’t easily wake up in the morning)
(a) I worry, often feel nervous and anxious
(b) I become irritable or impatient and angry
(c) Not easily ruffled, very caring & loving