This is the science of knowing the soul with the divine / self realization. From Lord Shiva to Lord Shri Krishna and Maharishi Patanjali, Maharishi Gherand, Yogi Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath, they were the pioneers of yoga, and they preached to the masses to move away from lusts and into the path of yoga. This can be started for physical gain, but its culmination is self-realization. This is not only exercise but also self-awakening. It is the method of making the materialistic and the patient a yogi. Shri Krishna taught Karma, Jnana , Bhakti etc., Maharishi Patanjali taught Ashtanga and Maharishi Gherand preached Sankang. This also cures diseases and self-interview.

How to practice yoga?

The correct method of yoga can be learned only by staying in the shelter of a Yogasiddha man, only you can get information about this by reading from the books, if you want to experience yoga then you have to practice it in the shame of a self-interviewing yogi great man.Maharishi told that follow the Yama rule first. In Yama Niyam, non-violence, true asthe brahmacharya and aparigraha defecation, Santosh Tapa Swadhyay and God Pranidhan comes. After this the practitioner should practice asanas, then pranayama and practice pratyahara with it and after pratyahara, perception and meditation and samadhi.

Benefits of Yoga

This makes the body healthy and makes the mind easily calm and the mind clean. Gym or other exercise means only provide physical benefits, but through yoga practice, the body, mind and soul are all benefited. Many diseases are curable. But there are many precautions of this as well, so it should be done in rake only by an experienced teacher.

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