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What is meditation and how to meditate is the question of every meditator. Actually meditation is not an action, it is not even a ritual. It is the silence of the mind. Meditating is touching the state of being in which the vibrations of the mind and mind are left behind. We experience a different experience, but the experiencing mind does not exist, we rise above the experience of mind, we remain in that state of absolute consciousness in which I perish, only the feeling of being is left.

How to meditate

To meditate, the mind is first concentrated, by cultivating the body, it is habituated to become stable and then by Pranayama, by regularizing and balancing the pranas, thoughts are allowed to calm down and then slowly a state comes on its own. In which the breath has stopped, the mind has stopped, the mind has stopped, the thoughts have stopped, the emotion has left behind.
The feeling of to meditate cannot be explained by words because meditation is not a matter of mind, as anything known by the mind is not meditation. And as you meditate, one has to leave the mind behind to know it.

Benefits of meditation

This leads to mental purification. Just as the body bathes with water, the mind bathes with meditation.
Mind, anger, jealousy, raga, malice etc. are easily calmed. Man’s nature becomes pure and sweet.

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