Yogic Diet is an Ayurvedic method of preparing and serving food. This is based on the instructions given by sages are followed as far as possible. It is always in good health, care is taken while preparing it and also while serving it. In this what things are to be eaten in food, in which season or at what time of day and when not to be taken care of. This is done because there is strict instruction in Ayurveda that eating some things together is very good. Eating some things together is very harmful for health. It is a boon for our sages for people living in today’s era. Lord Krishna also addressed the yogic diet as Yuktahar in his lecture to arjuna on bhagwad geeta. Whose discretion is attached from making to eating is called yogic diet. This gives you an understanding of the food in a very simple way.

How to make a yogic diet

For this, either you should read all the texts related to the diet of Ayurveda, or you can link the common people by Nityanandam shree and the modern-day dieticians by today’s courses and the tradition of our sages. Even in today’s age, no one has given us as much accurate information about food as our sages have given us. Even today, his suggestions and instructions are as relevant to human beings as they were thousands of years ago.

Benefits of yogic diet

Health improves with yogic diet and any complicated disease can be cured by this and it is very difficult to cure the disease completely until the patient takes correct knowledge of diet with the medicines of Ayurveda. This will become the choice of every modern doctor, scientist and doctor, from the common man and every person who has an interest in health and yoga Ayurveda in the coming time.

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