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Ayurveda is originally derived from the Vedas Atharvaveda, one of our four Vedas. This means Ayur + Veda means age-giving life Veda, granth or manual which teaches to live life, which teaches to fight disease. They also teach you to avoid disease. It is the one that shows the right way to live life.
It is a science of medicine given by the sages of India. The goal of which is not only to cure the disease, but also to have the disease, nor is it capable. Lord Narayana invented it from time immemorial and taught it to Brahma Ji and this Ayurveda was taught by Brahma Ji to all the sages. The sages researched this and then certified them. The Ayurveda we know today is not even two-four percent of the Ayurveda that our sages knew. Ayurveda did not work overtime as it should have, so less is known about Ayurveda.
This is our ancient scientific medical system. Maharshi Vagbhat has created eight parts of Ayurveda and these are as follows – first Kaaya Chikitsa which means General Treatment, second Baal Roga Chikitsa means Pediatric Medicine, the third is Bhoota Vidhya which means Imbalance of energies, fourth Shalakya Tantra which stands for Eyes Nose Ear Throat, etc, fifth Shalakya means Surgery, sixth Agad Tantra means Poison Treatment, seventh Jara i.e. Rasayan Tantra means Preventing Diseases, Eighth is Vajikaran Tantra also known as Nourishment of Body.

Benefits of Ayurveda

This is a harmless medical system, that is, it does not have any side effects on the body. It is able to treat complex and complex diseases with ease. Many misconceptions are being spread that it does not work, it does not have any benefit, but these are all lies. If the medical of Ayurveda is done by a qualified and experienced doctor, it benefits a lot. Not only the benefits, but the cause of disease and disease is completely uprooted and exits the body.

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