Meditation: Bloomed blissful flower in garden of life


Meditation is neither a task nor an exercise it is absence of mind, to be negligible or to be mute; nor in this condition of mind, we are able to experience realization.

Meditation can’t be taught it can only get originated. This is such a flower which can’t bloom on the earth of your mind and intellect for this, your mind has to be compulsorily mute. But our mind keeps engrossed in the thought of worldly affairs. World is an obstruction in the way of it. You’re surrounded by little bit of everything. Somebody by family… someone by business…. When, loneliness will surround you, then Meditation will occur, normally you keep trying to be at peace but meditation can’t be achieved by any sort of such efforts.

Meditation is a sacrament. You can’t get entry into the Meditation with the world. You will have to leave the outer world outside only for meditation. Only then the meditation occurs inside; emptiness, wordless, thoughtless, shapeless, actually insentience! Nectar of peace is eager to flow unblocked. You just need to drop your eyelids. For this, you have to go near yourself. Your thirst can’t be quenched by wandering outside; the solution of your problems is inside only. Let us go inside. Your existence, your true being is calling you today with open arms.    

The light outside – the pleasure outside is limited. The expansion outside is not permanent. It is mere a droplet of what rests endless & infinite inside us. Your thirsty heart can’t be quenched with this tiny droplet. Now don’t delay anymore…… Achieve it…… This is religion… in which the real meaning and significance of life lies – Nityanandam Shree



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