Be happy in God’s happiness. Assent to the consent of the almighty. Then every rising sun would congratulate you! Then every evening will praise you. Then every flower would bloom for you. And then birds would feel blessed for singing your songs. Then you would mark the arrival of spring – Nityanandam Shree


तुम रब की ख़ुशी में खुश हो जाओ, तुम उसी की रज़ा में राज़ी हो जाओ | तो फिर हर उदित होता हुआ सूर्य तुमको बधाई देगा | फिर हर शाम तुम्हारा यशोगान करेगी | फिर हर फूल का खिलना तुम्हारे लिए होगा… फिर पंछी तुम्हारे ही गीत गाकर धन्य होंगे… फिर तुमसे ही वसंत की बहार होगी| नित्यानंदम श्री



  1. Namaskaram, I am a patient of Leukemia. It has relapsed. But right now my counts are almost normal. To stay alright, what would you suggest to have? I am having wheatgrass powder in the morning. I am also having ashwagandharishta, punarnavasava, lohasava mixture and drakshasava. Should I have Abhrak Bhasma, Moti pishti, guloy satva mixture as well. Saw these in two different viFeos. Got confused. Please advise.



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