Summer Weight Loss Detox / Healthy Fasting Yoga Diet Plan – Vol 01- Series 06

yoga diet plan

Yoga diet plan

Easiest Detox & to increase the level of your Peace of Mind

Its Common Version & it can be followed by everyone


Wake up & listen your breathing noise for 2 min

Then stand up & drink a glass of Plain water (stale water)

Walk for 2 min then again

A glass of water (this time lukewarm) – Now Go for fresh

 Now Brush Your Teeth 

Morning Detox Drink

Blend a handful of coriander leaves in a cup of hot water & add

2 spoon of lemon juice along with a pinch of black salt & take it lukewarm.


Now Practice Deep Breathing 100 times & Exercises 10 min

After 10 min of exercises

Take 1 bowl blended Papaya & cucumber with Black pepper & start your day peacefully

or sometimes you may take an apple & banana salad having honey.



Take Bath…with normal water.

Breakfast :- Milky Sabudana kheer having a handful of raisins (2 spoon soaked sago cooked in milk).

After 90 min of breakfast Drink water a lot



Afternoon Around 12 noon :- Fruits

(An Apple with cherries, plum & black berries

OR 1 Orange OR a cup of pineapple curd)

Do not sprinkle Salt on fruits as its detox. if salt is needed then sprinkle in very trace amount.


After 1 hour Take 1 medium cup of  tomato carrot salad

add 2-3 slices of ginger little salt if required.

Garnish with a handful of fresh coriander leaves roasted cumin powder, black pepper & lemon on salad.


instead of salad sometimes you may take fresh yogurt having 1 spoon of chia seeds or a pinch of edible lime along with a pinch of dry ginger, black pepper, roasted cumin powder & black salt.


After 1-2 hour of curd Take 1 apple


Evening 3-5 pm : Hot water (1 litter in 1 hour in sip-sip pattern) 


Evening 5:30 pm : Normal tea with a handful of diet mixture (optional)

Click here to see diet mixture


Evening 6-7 pm : Spicy Tomato soup or potato soup oBroccoli Soup (when you feel hunger)

sometimes you may take Take Tomato Carrot juice instead of soup 

After 1 hour of soup Drink little water when needed


Dinner :- 1 Bowl of Mix Vegetables (or vegetable soup)

Prefer Lauki, Cabbage & green peas.

Click here for Soup Recipe.

You may avoid Dinner and can take milk only.


At Night :- Take amla aloe-vera juice (5-5 spoon each) having 1 spoon of ginger juice & hot water at night

For Best Results : Smile Whole Day & Say thanks to everything & everyone..

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture

Use spices, fruits & Veges according to season & nature of your body

follow This plan once after a week or at least three days after every Fourteen days.

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That’s all

Yoga diet plan

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