The low-residue colitis diet – Vol 01 – Series 06

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The colitis diet is based around residue foods that are easy to digest and likely to slow your bowel movements and limit diarrhea. The diet allows you to eat a lot of the foods that you’d normally eat, Your body will still get the necessary amount of proteins and minerals, along with the fluids and salt that you need. Since chronic diarrhea and rectal bleeding can lead to certain nutrient and mineral deficiencies, so add a multivitamin or another supplement to your diet, depending on your needs.

The low-residue colitis diet

Although there’s no one particular diet for people with ulcerative colitis, there are some general guidelines and recipes that may help keep your system easy.

Avoid the following foods while on a low-residue diet:

  • meats
  • dry fruits, berries, figs etc
  • raw vegetables not mentioned in the list above
  • spicy sauces, dressings, pickles, and relishes with chunks
  • nuts, seeds, and popcorn
  • foods and beverages that contain caffeine, cocoa, and alcohol

Prefer the following foods while on a low-residue diet:

  • dairy: up to 2 cups of curd, little cheese etc.
  • grains: refined white breads, pasta, crackers, and dry cereals etc
  • and smooth peanut and nut butter
  • fruits: fruit juices with no pulp; canned fruits and applesauce, (not including pineapple; raw,) ripe bananas, melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, plums, peaches, and apricots
  • vegetables: raw lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, and onion; cooked spinach, pumpkin, seedless yellow squash, carrots, eggplant, potatoes, and green and wax beans
  • fats and sauces: butter, oils, smooth sauces, and dressings

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Lets Start with pro plan


Ushapaan (उषापान )

Rise up with few sips of stale water of silver charger vessel [Learn more]

& walk for a min, then go for fresh…

In winters soak a gold coin in water overnight.

Engulf that overnight saliva of your mouth with water.

Morning Ablutions (सुबह प्रक्षालन)

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue.

Use Neem twig once in a week & engulf that saliva

Yoga & workout (योग व व्यायाम)

  • Practice Deep breathing 100 times
  • Practice Kapalbhati & Anulomvilom Pranayam (10-10 min each)
  • Exercise minimum 20 min everyday
  • Practice Vajrasana 5 min after every meal. (Learn more)
  • Walk twice early morning & after dinner

Now ! its time for

Morning Starter :-

Bilwadi Churana (ayurvedic drug)

1 spoonful of bilwadi powder along with water


After 20 min of that

Morning Refreshment :-


Pomegranate syrup

A cup of 50% Pomegrante juice having 50% of water along with a pinch(300 mg) of edible lime i.e. chuna



Bathing & meditation

Now take 15-20 min sun bath

After that take water bath…with normal water.

Add rose water or splash of milk in bathing water.

sometimes you may add lemon juice in your bathing water

Now, meditate & chant…

Before 45 min of breakfast drink water a lot

Now ! its time for

Breakfast (up to 9:30) :-

Choose one each day


Multivegetable sago pulao

after 30-35 min of that

Banana Smoothie

A glass of banana smoothie having curd


Sometimes you may take a mix fruit smoothie having chia seeds instead of Banana smoothie


After 90 min of breakfast drink water a lot

Mid Day 12:15 noon :-


Normal Dip Tea (without milk)

having rock salt lemon juice & honey.

You are addicted to tea then, sometimes you may take normal dip tea having a splash of cows milk instead of lemony dip tea.

Suggestion :- Add 3-4 drops of tulsi drops in lemony tea.


Mid Day Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks (1:15 noon) :-

Take both one after other

Moreover you may interchange these two snacks according to your hunger

Coconut water 

tender coconut water with malai

Sometimes you may take cool lemon water instead of coconut water. You also could take a bowl of blackberries & 3-4 pcs of plum or a cup of cherries

Suggestion :sometimes you may take plum smoothie / jamun smoothie instead of coconut water.

Before 10 min this refreshment you may drink little water if needed.

Sometime if you are busy are have lack of time & you are unable to take this refreshment mentioned above then you must take wheatgrass instead of coconut water & fruits

Wheat Grass Powder

Take 1 spoon of wheat grass powder soaked 20 min in water.

sometimes take soaked almonds & walnut (5+½)

Note :-remove peel before intake.


30-35 min before Salad :-

Lukewarm water

few sips of hot water.



Just before starting Lunch :-

A small cup of Salad

Salad Ingredients idea : ½ cucumber unpeeled, ½ beet root, ½ long cucumber, 2 tomatoes, a handful of beet root & lemon etc + black pepper sprinkled on salad.


Sometimes you may add a handful of radish & radish leaves or red & yellow bell peppers if available. Sometimes you may take Yellow & Red Bell Pepper salad having baby corn chopped mushrooms (dip 5-7 min in boiling water)


Lunch :-

Choose one a day



Multigrain Roti

2 medium sized multigrain chapattis with any seasonal vegetable with curd having black pepper sprinkled.

Chapatti idea 1 : You may stuff anardana in chapattis.

Fruits idea 2 : You may stuff green coriander, a pinch of ginger & chives i.e. garlic leaves in chapattis.

Fruits idea 3 :Sometimes you may take plain whole wheat chapatti instead of multigarin roti

Or Sometimes you may take 1 slice of Mango with a bowl of black berries 30 min after lunch.


Fruit curd

A bowl of curd having fruits like mango, banana, apple & pomegranates.


10 min after lunch buttermilk


After 90 min of lunch drink water a lot

Evening 3-5 pm :-


Lukewarm water

few sips of lukewarm water in sip-sip pattern.

Sometimes you may take fruits like pomegranate / plums / plum smoothie in evening

Its time to practice Yoga or walk :-

Practice daily…stay fit.. & enjoy your life fully.. Its one time opportunity.

15 min after yoga & exercise :-

Wheat grass Powder

1 spoon of wheat grass powder (10-20 min soaked in water). you may take wheat grass juice 4-6 spoon instead of powdered wheat grass as per availability.

Don’t take wheat grass if you already have taken in the morning.

Sometimes you may take fruit of yours choice, if you have not taken before.


Sunset Refreshment :-

Choose one a day


A cup of Diet mixture 

A cup of normal dip tea with Diet mixture.

sometimes you may take Diet murmura instead of Diet mixture.


Sometimes you may take 1 cup spiced boiled corn instead of tea.

Sometimes you may take a handful of non salty roasted chickpea with tea instead of diet mixture.


Dinner :-

40 min Before Dinner drink a lot of water regularly


Rice with dal

A bowl of plain rice & any split dal (mung, chana, tuar, arhar etc)

with tomato having lemon & black pepper etc.

Sometimes you may take vegetable rice pulao instead of dal rice.


Plain chapatti with green non-leafy vegetable

A bowl of lauki, tinda, eggplant, parval, bhindi, kaddu etc.

with or without lemon or mint chtney.


Patanjali Maggi

A bowl of soupy patanjali atta maggi ingredients include beans, onions, carrots and tomatoes etc with or without tomato sauce.

For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture.

Use spices, fruits & Vegetables according to season & nature of your body & prefer rock salt in your diet.

Avoid white sugar & prefer stevia or little honey as a sweetner.

Avoid oils & prefer cows ghee in very trace amount.

Add more fruits & vegetables in your diet.

Take a 20-30 min nap after lunch if required.

follow this plan at least 15 days.

That’s all

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