Yuktahar Pro – Summer Weight loss Diet – Vol 01 – Series 05

summer weight loss diet

The Right Food For The Right Time

Yuktahar Pro – Summer Weight loss Diet – Vol 01 – Series 05

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I’m not an advocate of “dieting”. I believe in making long term healthy changes for weight loss and fitness goals. This works best for most of us. How we eat food is as important as what we eat. Here are special meal plan that can serve as a guide to healthy weight loss, and help a person get the best out of the food they eat.

Let’s start

Ushapaan (उषापान )

Rise up with two glasses of stale water of copper charger vessel [Learn more]

& walk for a min, then go for fresh…

Soak a silver coin in water overnight.

Engulf that overnight saliva of your mouth with water.

Morning Ablutions (सुबह प्रक्षालन)

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue.

Yoga & workout (योग व व्यायाम)

  • Practice Deep breathing 100 times

  • Practice Kapalbhati & Anulomvilom Pranayam (15-15 min each )

  • Exercise minimum 40 min everyday to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Practice Vajrasana 5 min after every meal.

  • Walk twice early morning & after dinner

  • Click here for HD Weight Loss Yoga Video

Now ! its time for

Summer weight loss diet

Morning Starter :-

A Bowl of Black berries

Moreover chew 1-2 Kernels (seeds) with this.

Sometimes you may take 2-3 plum instead of black berries.

After 20 min of that

Morning Refreshment :-


Watermelon Smoothie

Blend a bowl of seeded watermelon + seedless tomatoes + a thumbsized fresh turmeric or ginger in a electric blender. then, rinse and add 1/2 tsp of basil seeds (30 min soaked) + 1/2 tsp of chia seeds (overnight soaked).

Do not add salt, You may add stevia sweetner & 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder.

Do not add mint & water in watermelon smoothie.

Mud Therapy, bathing & meditation

Now perform Mud Therapy for 35 min

minimum twice a week to make your skin glow & full body detox.

Don’t forget mud therapy. 

After mud therapy take bath…with normal water.

Add rose water in bathing water.

sometimes you may add lemon juice in your bathing water

Now, meditate & chant…

Now ! its time for

Breakfast (upto 9:30) :-

Choose one each day


Rice Birayani

A medium bowl of plain fried rice having 50 gm of cheese alongwith cumin, black pepper & lemon.

Rice idea  : sometimes you may take soy chunks (burry) instead of cheese.

You may take curd if there is no cheese in rice.

Note : You may take lassi waale chaawal (Buttermilk rice) instead of Fried Rice.

Add curry leaves, bay leaves & unbroken cinnamon in rice.

Do not take curd & cheese in combination. 


Fruitful Curd (1 Medium)

A cup of fresh low fat curd blended with a slice of mango & few spoons of water having 1/2 unpeeled chopped apple, 1/2 kiwi or a handful of grapes, a handful of pomegranate etc

or  sometimes you may add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds (soaked 1 hour water). Do not throw water of that..

You may add stevia sweetener or rock salt & black pepper in it.

Sometimes you may add tomato onion chopped with salt & black pepper in curd instead of fruits.


Lauki chilllah (1-2 small)

Make batter of grated lauki & 1-2 spoon of besan and soak for 30 min. Little fry with olive oil.

Sometimes you may add halwa kaddu instead of lauki.

Take this lauki chillah with Dhaniya pudina chutney.

Take this besan chillah with green chilly pudina chutney..


Milk with corn flakes or Rice

lite chilled Rice kheer (dessert) or Hot milk having corn flakes.

Add stevia sachets in milk pudding as sweetner


After 40 min of breakfast :-


Patanjali’s Divya Herbal Peya (Dip)

having lemon juice or honey any one.

If Divya tea is not available then you may take tulsi ginger tea having black pepper boiled.

After 90 min of breakfast drink water a lot

Mid Day Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks :-

Take both one after other 

Moreover you may interchange these two snacks according to your hunger

Coconut water 

Sometimes you may take cool lemon water instead of coconut water. You also could take a bowl of blueberries or 3-4 pcs of plum or plum smoothie or jamun smoothie instead of coconut water.

After 1 hour of that drink little water if needed.

After 30-40 min of water 

Spinach smoothie

Blend a bowl peel of watermelon + 1 unpeeled cucumber.

Rinse & use waste for body scrubbing & use extracted juice as drink

Add few curry leaves, few chives (garlic leaves), a handful of spinach leaves & 1 fresh amla in that extracted juice of watermelon peel & take without removing pulp of these three things.

Add rock salt before serve.

Sometimes you may take roasted corn Cuticle instead of all these things

45 min before salad :-

Hot water

A glass of hot water.


Before Lunch :-

A bowl of Salad

having 2-3 slices of onion & salad dressing

Click here to learn how to prepare this salad dressing

Salad Ingredients idea : ½ cucumber unpeeled, ½ beet root, 1 long cucumber, 2 tomatoes & a handful of spinach leaves

Sometimes you may add a handful of fenugreek & coriander leaves along with radish & radish leaves or red & yellow bell peppers if available.


Lunch :-

Choose one a day

If you didn’t have had fruits in breakfast then take fruits in lunch.

You are going to take fruits & sprouts in lunch then avoid salad before lunch or sometimes you may take salad having sprouts & pudina dhaniya chutney in it.

(Take any one thing – fruits or salad)


Fruits (1 medium)

A bowl of fresh fruits having a handful of sprouts having lemon & black pepper sprinkled.

Fruits idea 1 : An apple (unpeeled) + a handful of pomegranates (optional) + a cup of papaya or guava or melon etc (with sprouts).

Fruits idea 2 : A bowl of melon + 2-3 pear (optional) + 3-4 plum etc (without sprouts).

Fruits idea 3 : A bowl of frash faalse or jamun (without sprouts).

Sprouts idea : A spoonful of fenugreek, 2 spoon of green moong, 2 spoon black gram etc & eliminate unsprouted

Do not sprinkle salt on fruits. 


Mix vegetable (1 cup medium)

A medium sized bowl of mix seasonal vegetables having little rock salt black pepper & lemon etc.

You may sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on it.

You may add unpeeled potatoes in it.

You may garnish with tamarind chutney / pudina chutney / lemon any one of three.


Khatta meetha ubla chana

Lemon Salad (chopped) having a handful of boiled black gram & lemon & black salt etc.

Evening 3-5 pm :-


Hot water

A cup of hot water twice or thrice (in sip-sip pattern)

Its time to practice Yoga :-

Practice daily…stay fit.. & enjoy your life fully.. Its one time oppurtunity.

15 min after yoga & exercise :-

Amla Aloevera juice

4-4 spoon of each in a cup of hot water.

Sunset Refreshment :-

Choose one a day


Amla Aloevera juice

4 spoon of amla juice + 4 spoon of aloevera juice + 1 spoon of ashwagandha leaf juice along with 10 spoon of water


Tea with roasted foxnut munches

A cup of nornal dip tea with a handful of lotus seeds roasted


45 min before dinner :-

Hot water

A cup of hot water in sip-sip pattern

Dinner :-

Once in a week take only milk instead of dinner


Daal Rice

Thin soupy dal & a cup of brown rice.

take any dal & add lauki, spinach leaves or zucchini & curry leaves etc in it.


Mix Vegetables

A bowl of mix vegetables boiled.

with or without lemon & coriander leaves garnished.

You may take 1-2 ful bran Chapattis along with it.


Lauki tomato soup

If you feel hunger you may take a cup of brown rice with that..

At Night :-


Take a cup of Lukewarm Milk

having mild Stevia sweetner .





For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture.

Use spices, fruits & Vegetables according to season & nature of your body & prefer rock salt in your summer weight loss diet. Avoid white sugar & prefer stevia or little honey as a sweetner.

Add more mushrooms in salad or in vegetables

Chew 1/2 tsp of sesame seeds(20 min soaked in water) after breakfast, lunch & dinner.

follow this plan at least 15 days.


That’s all

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