Spring closing Lite – Slimming Diet Menu – Vol 01 – Series 05

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Spring closing Lite  – Slimming Diet Menu  – Vol 01 – Series 05

The Ways Spring Makes You Lose Weight Without Even Trying

The good news is many springtime foods promote weight loss naturally, Here is my special diet plan to help
you slim down.


Let’s start


Ushapaan (उषापान )

Rise up with two glasses of stale water of copper charger vessel

& walk for a min, then go for fresh… (Drink first water in standing posture)

Engulf that overnight saliva with water

Morning Ablutions (सुबह प्रक्षालन)

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue.

Yoga & workout (योग व व्यायाम)

  • Practice Deep breathing 100 times

  • Practice Kapalbhati & Anulomvilom Pranayam (15-15 min each )

  • Exercise minimum 40 min everyday to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Practice Vajrasana 5 min after every meal.

  • Walk twice early morning & after dinner

Now ! its time for

Morning Refreshment :-



Jeera Soup

Boil 1 spoon of soaked cumin in a glass of  water consume lukewarm when 1/3 is left.

Do not add salt.

Massage, bathing & meditation

Now massage your body with curd

or sometimes you may massage your body with papaya, lemon & tomato pulp / olive oil / coconut oil / sesame oil / mustard oil.

Massage is mandatory

After 15 min of massage take bath…with normal water.

Add rose petals or neem leaves in bathing water.

sometimes you may add lemon juice in your bathing water

Go for bathing, meditate & chant…

Now ! its time for

Breakfast :-

Choose one each day



1 banana + 5-6 strawberries, watermelon or a small cup of fresh juicy pineapple.




A bowl of tomato cheese

a bowl of tomato cheese with gujrati thepla.


Lauki thepla

2 medium sized theplas having ginger, garlic, curry leaves & spices with curd raita.

You may add rock salt & black pepper in curd if desired.


After 40 min of breakfast :-



having lemon juice or honey (any one)

After 90 min of breakfast drink water a lot

Mid Day Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks :-

A huge bowl of Salad

Few more salad Ingredients idea : ½ cucumber unpeeled, ½ beet root, 1 long cucumber & a handful of spinach leaves

Sometimes you may add radish & radish leaves or red & yellow bell peppers if available.

Sometimes you may take melon instead of salad.


30 min before Lunch :-

A cup of hot water

sip-sip pattern in sitting posture.




Lunch :-

Choose one a day


Vegetable Masala Oats

having multi vegetable like green pea, cabbage, capsicum & carrrot in it.

You may take thin curd having

Take this oats with curd raita.


Grilled vegetables

1 medium sized unpeeled roasted potato, mushroom, tomato, bell pappers, tofu, etc having little rock salt, black pepper & lemon etc.

You may sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on it.

You may also add zucchini along with vegetables.

You may sprinkle pudina chutney / lemon any one of two.


Brown Rice with Rajma

with salad chopped & lemon etc.

Also take ginger in your salad.

Soak brown rice in water for two hours before cooking.



Chatpati lauki

A bowl of lauki ki sabzi having tomatoes, lemon, cinnamon powder & black pepper.




After Lunch :-


Buttermilk (chhach)

2-3 spoon of curd blended with 4 times of water having black pepper, thyme powder & roasted cumin etc.

Don’t take buttermilk if you already taken curd in lunch.


Evening 3-6 pm :-


Lukewarm water

A cup of hot water twice (in sip-sip pattern)

Its time to practice Yoga :-

Go for walk, breathing & workout

15 min after yoga & exercise :-

Hot water

You may add few drops of lemon in it.

Sunset Refreshment :-

Choose one a day


An apple

having a pinch of black pepper

You may take pineapple & pomegranate mixture



Dinner :-

Once in a week take only only milk instead of dinner


Vegetable soup

A bowl of multivegetable soup.You may take 1 bran chapatti (70 % wheat & 30% bran)

If you like then you also can add 40 gm of tofu in it.


Carrot Soup

A bowl of soup of grated carrots having cumin, black pepper, ginger garlic & cinnamon.

with lemon & coriander leaves garnished.



A handful plum

You may take an apple instead


At Night :-


Take a cup of Lukewarm Milk

having mild Stevia sweetner.

Take milk in standing posture



For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture

Use spices, fruits & Vegetables according to season & nature of your body & prefer rock salt in your diet.

follow this plan at least 6 days.




That’s all

Yogic Diet

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