Nutriplus Pro – Slimming Diet Menu – Vol 01 – Series 04

Healthy delicious meals

Nutriplus Pro  – Slimming Diet Menu  – Vol 01 – Series 04

Get started with these quick guidelines – happy eating!

…a menu each day – they include filling favourites and packed lunch ideas the whole family
will enjoy!
eat freely…
…those foods in bold – no weighing, no measuring, no counting, no kidding!

Let’s start

Ushapaan (उषापान )

Rise up with two glasses of stale water of copper charger vessel

& walk for a min, then go for fresh… (Drink first water in standing posture)

Engulf that overnight saliva with water

Morning Ablutions (सुबह प्रक्षालन)

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue.

Yoga & workout (योग व व्यायाम)

  • Practice Deep breathing 100 times

  • Practice Kapalbhati & Anulomvilom Pranayam (15-15 min each )

  • Exercise minimum 40 min everyday to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Practice Vajrasana 5 min after every meal.

  • Walk twice early morning & after dinner

Now ! its time for

Morning Refreshment :-


Triphla Tea

i.e. soak triphla powder overnight in water, boil early morning on simmer & take lukewarm.

You may add honey to enhance taste.

Massage, bathing & meditation

Now massage your body with curd

or sometimes you may massage your body with papaya, lemon & tomato pulp / olive oil / coconut oil / sesame oil / mustard oil.

Massage is mandatory

After 15 min of massage take bath…with normal water.

Add rose petals or neem leaves in bathing water.

sometimes you may add lemon juice in your bathing water

Go for bathing, meditate & chant…

Now ! its time for

Breakfast :-

Choose one each day


Multigrain Chillah

2-3 medium sized chillah of patanjalis multigrain flour having tomato, capsicum or fresh beans etc. Soak multigrain flour batter for one hour before cooking.

fry : use little olive oil or sesame oil to cook this chillah

sauce : you ma take 1-2 tsp of fatafat tomato chutney along with this chillahs.





A bowl of fresh low fat curd having a handful of raisins or 1 tablespoon of chia seeds (soaked 20 min water).

You may add stevia sweetener or rock salt & black pepper in it.


After 40 min of breakfast :-


Patanjali’s Divya Herbal Peya (Dip)

having lemon juice or honey (any one)

After 90 min of breakfast drink water a lot

Mid Day Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks :-

Take both one after other 

Moreover you may interchange these two snacks according to your hunger

Coconut water 

Sometimes you may take lemon water instead of coconut water

After 1 hour of that drink little water

After 30-40 min of water take

A huge bowl of watermelon

If you are a heart or asthma patient then take melon instead of watermelon

Before Lunch :-

Broccoli Salad

having 2-3 slices of onion, tomatoes & salad dressing etc.

This broccoli salad is not only low-carb but delicious. Try it out for lunch today!

Click here to learn how to prepare this salad dressing

Few more salad Ingredients idea : ½ cucumber unpeeled, ½ beet root, 1 long cucumber & a handful of spinach leaves

Sometimes you may add a handful of fenugreek & coriander leaves along with radish & radish leaves or red & yellow bell peppers if available.

Lunch :-

Choose one a day

You may interchange lunch recipe with your breakfast or with mid day refreshment.

(There is no Problem)


Vegetable masala Oats

having multi vegetable like green pea, cabbage, capsicum & carrrot in it.

Do not take cabbage in thyroid problem.

Take this oats with curd raita.


Roasted Potatoes

1 or 2 medium sized unpeeled roasted potatoes having little rock salt black pepper & lemon etc.

You may sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on it.

You may add zucchini, tomatoes & bell peppers to grill them along with potatoes.

You may sprinkle tamarind chutney / pudina chutney / lemon any one of three.


Rice with dal

with salad chopped & lemon etc.


A small bowl of Patanjali’s Pustahar daliya

cook 3-4 spoon multigrain daliya having little salt & cows ghee

After Lunch :-


Buttermilk (chhach)

2-3 spoon of curd blended with 4 times of water having black pepper, thyme powder & roasted cumin etc.

Don’t take buttermilk if you already taken curd in lunch.

Evening 3-4 pm :-


Grapes smoothie

A glass of fresh grapes smoothie of black grapes, stevia & water.


Strawberry smoothie

A glass of fresh strawberry smoothie of 5-6 strawberries, stevia & water.

Evening 4-6 pm :-


1 cup lukewarm water

once or twice (in sip-sip pattern)

Its time to practice Yoga :-

Here i’ll share a perfect Yoga schedule with you shortly

15 min after yoga & exercise :-

Amla Aloevera juice

4 spoon of amla juice + 4 spoon of aloevera juice + 2 spoon of ashwagandha leaf juice along with 10 spoon of water

Sunset Refreshment :-

Choose one a day


Tomato makhana Soup 

having a handful of makhanas (fox nut) & 1 tsp. of cows ghee

You may take pumpkin foxnut soup instead of tomato soup




Chia seeds

1 tablespoon of chia seeds soaked 20 min in water.


Tea with roasted foxnut munches

A cup of nornal dip tea with a handful of lotus seeds roasted


Dinner :-

Once in a week take only one apple instead of dinner


Moong daal soup

Thin soup of split green moong dal with or without lauki, spinach leaves or zucchini etc.


Mix Vegetables

A bowl of mix vegetables boiled & 1 full bran chapati optional

with or without lemon & coriander leaves garnished


Multi vegetable weight loss soup


At Night :-


Take a cup of Lukewarm Milk

having mild Stevia sweetner.

Take milk in standing posture




For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture

Use spices, fruits & Vegetables according to season & nature of your body & prefer rock salt in your diet.

follow this plan at least 6 days.


Cast away all processed sugars, sweets and soda of all kinds. Beverages such as tulsi tea and green tea mixed drink can be enjoyed once a day.

Raspberry Green TeaHoney, organic agave nectar, stevia are the best alternatives of sugar.


Strictly avoid alcohol, smoking and substances of same kind.

avoid smoking

Not even a one glass of wine is allowed if you are opting for a detox diet. Not even a single cigar can take a chance.

Bowel Movement

See to it that your bowel movement remains regular during the 30 day diet plan because this is the key to detox. The detox diet eliminates the waste products and toxins from the body through the bowels and daily bowel movement prevents reabsorptions of these toxins into the system. People usually experience increased bowel movement during the detox diet, but in case you feel constipated during the detox diet you can solve the problem by staying hydrated, doing some movement and exercise or using natural laxatives to promote smooth bowel movement.

Barley Improves Intestinal Health and Regularizes Bowel Movement

Keep yourself hydrated.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and keep yourself hydrated by drinking natural fruit juices (that area away from artificial sweeteners) and fresh smoothies.


Make a commitment to exercise.

Determine to work out for 6 days in a week and it makes up for 25 days detox. It can be simple indoor aerobic exercises, yoga or cardio.

No excuses are to be given. If you miss even a single day due to illness and stress you need to put extra work in your next day workout. Don’t make yourself believe that you can exercise. Just an hour of cardio can make a huge difference in your entire day and make sure that you re-prioritize your spare time to work out.

Experts say that exercising is about 75 percent mental routine. Your determination and focus to wake up early and push your body to the extremities of workout will expand your physical limitations. By allowing you into consistent routine workout will become easier enough and your body now actually tends to crave the activitybenefits of yoga for Health and MindEnjoy your workouts and involve your mind completely that it no longer feels that you are working out. Read a book or play your favourite track while you are on treadmill, or cycling and that makes your workout more enjoyable. Wear clothes that makes you feel comfortable, bright and attractive while working out.

Seek a professional or your diet physician to plan your workout and don’t just blindly follow any magazine or sites. You know your own strengths and limitations and adjust to the guideline that suits your body best.

Set a weight loss goal.

If you plan to lose some pounds of fat in this 25-day detox diet, you need to adjust your diet to give you the required calories every day. Suppose you are planning to lose 10 pounds adjust your diet to 1200 calories a day with a balanced diet chart.

maintaining weight

If you don’t cheat yourself and stick to this calorie count by working out regularly you will lose up to 5-6 kgs in 15 days.

Reward yourself when you have finally met your 30 day detox challenge.

Complement your rejuvenated body by trying out a new outfit and can have some chocolates or outing lunch or breakfast.

People Who Should Not Try the 30 Day Detox Diet

Although, the 30 day diet plan is a balanced one can be followed by healthy individuals, it does have certain deficiencies and people with certain health conditions should not follow this diet. It is best to consult your physician before starting this diet id you have any medical condition.

Indian Diet for a Pregnant Woman

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • People under the age of 18 years
  • People suffering from any type of active cancer
  • People suffering from chronic liver diseases or hepatitis
  • People suffering from Type fluctuating Diabetes
  • People under medication for bipolar disorder

Try this for 7 days, and your body will be healthy both internally and externally like you ever thought of. Love yourself, appreciate your own body, protect it and try to maintain it. Don’t Stop!

That’s all

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