Roasted Lotus seeds – Phool Makhana Munchies


Total Time: 8-10 min, Prep-2 min, cooking-8 min

Level of making: very easy,    Taste: Tasty,   Serve: 3-4

Roasted Lotus seeds – Phool Makhana Recipe

To make your own Roasted Lotus seeds – Phool Makhana here is the recipe


Benefits :-

Phool makhana which is also well known as fox nuts or lotus seeds has been proven to be high nutrients food which is rich of medical properties good for daily health diet. The nutrients contained are the super source for vitamin, mineral and fiber while the medical properties have been proven to be beneficial for diabetic patient and those who have hypertension history. Below are 20 health benefits of phool makhana you should know:

  1. Insomnia Remedy

  2. Rich of Calcium

  3. Good for Blood Pressure

  4. Enhance Sexual Power

  5. Arthritis Solution

  6. Helping Dealing with Digestion

  7. Coffee Substitute

  8. Beneficial for Diabetic Patient

  9. Weight Loss Solution

  10. Contained Special Enzyme to Fight Aging

  11. Useful for Heart Disease

  12. Good for Pregnant Women

  13. High Protein

  14. Recommended for Vegetarian

  15. Good for Respiratory System

  16. Contained Calming Properties to Release Stress

  17. Fighting Impotency

  18. Prevent Inflammation

  19. Good Antioxidant Source

  20. Good for Kidney

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Ingredients :-

(measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml capacity)

 3 cups Phool makhana (foxnuts / puffed lotus seeds)

¼ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon red chili powder

½ teaspoon dry curry leaves

1 teaspoon chaat masala

Rock salt as per taste

Black pepper as per taste

2 to 3 teaspoon oil


Method / Directions & Preparation : –

1. Heat oil in a pan or kadai.

2. Add the makhana and roast for a good 10­-12 minutes on a low flame till they become crisp and crunchy. keep on stirring in between.

3. Lastly add all the spices, curry leaves and salt, except chaat masala.

4. Switch off the fire as you don’t want the spice powders to get burnt.

5. Stir the whole mixture well.

6. Lastly sprinkle the chaat masala powder and again mix well.

7. Serve roasted makhana straightaway.

8. Or once they cool down, store roasted makhana in an air­tight container.

Enjoy anytime as a healthy snack alone or with tea.


Suggestions :-

If you are not a weight watcher then you also can roast these foxnuts in little oil (sesame oil / ghee / olive oil)

Mix all spices in oil except chat masala and sprinkle this mixture over makhanas while roasting & roast for feqw more minutes.



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