Herbal tea recipes if you want slim figure

Herbal tea

You probably know that obesity is a worldwide epidemic.The latest figures tell it all — and it’s only getting worse. In addition to normal concerns of clothes not fitting, lack of energy, and low self-esteem, being overweight can lead to other more serious health concerns. But, Thanks to herbal tea. Diabetes and other health concerns are plaguing us like never before. To say that there is an obesity problem is an understatement!

Today, I’d love to talk specifics and share a few of my most favorite herbs for weight loss, detoxification, and over all well-being.
There are several different herbs that have proven to increase metabolism and/or suppress the appetite — naturally helping us achieve our weight loss goals.
Just be careful — please note…this statement is my disclaimer — with any information you read (yes, even this information that I am sharing with you today) regarding herbs with weight loss claims. Do your own research.

Benefits of Herbal tea :- 

Metabolism Booster, helps in quick weight loss.

Effective calorie cutter.

Helps to reduce water retention.

Very very useful in cough & cold.

Boost energy level i.e. natural energy enhancer.

Regular bowel movements.

Better sleep

The Best Weight Loss Herbs

Ingredients in Herbal tea :-

*Measurements in parts are by volume not weight.

Dalchini (Cinnamon) – 1/2 part

Sonth (Dry ginger powder) – 1/2 part

Tulsi (Holy basil) – 1 part

Kali mirch (Black pepper) – 1 part

Ashwagandha leaves (Dry leaves of winter cherry) – 1 part

Madhu patra (dry leaves of stevia) – 1 part

Method / Directions & Preparation : – 

Step 1

Crush all these herbs and mix together & keep it in airtight container.

Step 2

Cooking Decoctions:

Generally one spoon of herbal mixture can be cooked 3 times by covering the herbs with 3 cups of water and boiling and then simmering the herbs for 30-45 minutes so that about 1 cup of fluid is left. Strain the liquid and keep it. Cover the herbs again with water, bring to a boil, simmer, strain the liquid, and repeat once more. The end result will be 3 cups of herbal “soup” (one cup from each boiling) which can be mixed all together or kept separately (especially if cooked at different times). After the third cooking, the herb dredges can be discarded (they are good compost).

People ask if the can just cook the herbs with 9 cups of water, for a longer period, and extract 3 cups. The answer is no as this produces a very dilute decoction. Cooking the herbs a second time allows for more active ingredients to be extracted.

Keep the herbal decoction refrigerated until you drink it. Shake the container, so that the sediment is evenly mixed, pour yourself a cup, bring it to an almost boil, and let it cool down. The herbs are most effective warm, and they taste less bitter the hotter they are.

Here are some more details:

1. Use only a mud, clay or glass pot with a cover. If that is not possible, you can use stainless steel.

2. Take the herbs out of the bag/package, place them in a pot, flatten them, and cover with water so that they are covered with about half an inch (to 1 inch) of water above the herbs.

3. Before the first boiling, let the herbs soak in the water for 20 minutes as it is best to not boil the herbs until they have soaked some water.

4. Use a cover in the same manner you would cook rice, with a slight opening for steam to escape.

5. Bring the herbs to a boil and then simmer for the following amount of time:

45 minutes for tonifying herbs

30 minutes for regulating herbs

20 minutes for exterior releasing formulas (i.e., colds and flus)

in this case start with only two cups of water

6. The simmer should be such that you get about 1 cup of liquid extracted at the end of the cooking time. If you get a lot more than a cup, your simmer was done on too low a flame, if you get too little, you will want to reduce the flame. Adjust the flame/temperature on the second and third boilings accordingly.

Do not dilute the herbs, do not add honey. Honey and sugar change the therapeutic properties of the decoction. You can have some crackers or some raisins next to you and eat one or two every few gulps. Remember that it is easier to take the herbs warmer and in big gulps. Brush your teeth after drinking herbs to release the taste and to avoid staining.

It is best to take herbs about 30 minutes away from food.

Do not take herbs for at least 90 minutes prior to going to bed.

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