Diet exercise plan for Sedentary Office Workers – Vol 01 – Series 04

Diet exercise plan

Many people who work long hours in an office use their jobs as an excuse as to why they can’t reach their fitness and physique goals. However, having a demanding work, social and family life doesn’t mean you can’t get in great shape. You just need to carefully diet exercise plan regimes so they fit conveniently into your day.

Learn with videos 

Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise — such as Deep Breathing, anulom vilom pranayam (alternate breathing), kapalbhati (rapid exhalation), etc — burns calories too fast, energies your body, improves stamina & keep you fit, so practice every morning or evening.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise — such as swimming, running, walking, cycling and playing sports — burns calories, sheds fat and helps improve your fitness. If your working day is exceptionally busy, aim to do your cardio in the morning before breakfast, because it helps boost your metabolism, burn extra fat and energizes you for the rest of the day. If you get the chance, go for a brisk walk at lunchtime to burn more calories and help clear your head.


Let’s start

Wake up with a Glass of Stale water (copper charged)

& walk for a min, then go for fresh…

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue.

Practice Deep breathing 100 times

Click here to learn about deep breathing

Practice Anulom-vilom Pranayam 5-7 min

Click here to watch video on Anulomvilom Pranayam

Exercise minimum 40 min everyday to increase your metabolic rate. 

After 10 min of exercise

Now ! its time for

Morning Refreshment :-

Seven days (A) & Next Seven days (B)


Godhan ark

3 spoon in 6-8 spoon of water


Ashwagandha leaf juice

10 ml having same quantity of water

After 30 min Take :-


Bottle gourd Juice 

having garlic paste, black pepper, giloy, bitter gourd & pear fruit juice.

Now Massage your Body with curd

Or sometimes you may massage your body with olive oil

Massage is mandatory

After 15 min of massage take bath…with normal water.

Add lemon juice in bathing water

Go for bathing, rub your body with towel after bath

Meditate & chant…

Breakfast :-

Choose one each day


1 bowl Oats upma with curd

[Click here for Recipe]

having mix seasonal vegetables, spinach leaves added & little tomato in curd.

You also may make veg wheat dalia, rawa idli, oats chillah, oats idli or oats pulao instead of oats upma



Missi Roti with curd

(wheat flour, besan & oats 30 % each)


Mid Day Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks :-

Take both one after other


Divya Herbal peya (Dip)

having lemon juice, ashwagandha leaf juice & stevia.


A bowl of watermelon

having black papper sprinkled

Before Lunch :-

Choose one each day


A small plate of mix salad

with salad dressing, 25 g grated tofu, few slices of ginger, kiwi & green chili paste.


A small bowl of Popcorn

with or without tea


Rice cake

with or without tea

Lunch :-

Choose one a day


A cup of Mix Fruit juice 

[with 1 chandraprabha vati]

having little black pepper & 1 spoon of chia seeds (soaked 20 min in water)

Chia seeds are compulsory


2 Khazoor laddu

Click here for Recipe


A Bowl of Mix Fruit

having little black pepper 


After 1 hour of lunch drink drink water

[1 chandraprabha vati Regular after 1 hour of lunch everyday ]



Evening 3-5 pm :-


Amla Aloevera Fruity



Evening 6 pm :-

7 Days on & 7 Days off

Ashwagandha leaf juice

10 ml having same quantity of water


Sunset Refreshment :-

Choose one a day



having a handful of makhanas (fox nut) & 1/2 tsp. of cows ghee 


Strawberry milk (room temprature)

having 5-6 strawberries blended & 1 spoon of chia seeds soaked 20 min in water.

without ice.


Chia seeds

1 tablespoon of chia seeds soaked 20 min in water.

with a cup of pulpy aloe-vera juice



Dinner :-


Multi Vegetable soup (with variation)

Click here for recipe

For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Suggestions :-

We have given 3-4 options of chia seeds in this plan, so you have to take any one a day.

Do not repeat same thing everyday & avoid taking same thing repeatedly whole day.

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture.

Use spices, fruits & Veges according to season & nature of your body & prefer rock salt in your diet.

If you have not taken milk in evening then you may take milk at night minimum 90 min after dinner & 30 min before sleep in standing posture if desired.

follow this plan at least 15 days. 

That’s all

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