Multivegetable weight loss Soup – Dinner Recipe


If you’re looking to lose weight, Yoginitya recommends serving up soup for dinner. “Liquids are already broken down, which means your body has to do less work when it comes to digestion. This can help keep you regular, banish bloat, and support weight-loss goals! However, any old soup won’t suffice; Yoginitya is all about focusing on the quality of your food.

Total Time: 40 min, Prep-10 min, cooking- 30 min

Level of making: easy,    Taste: Delicious,   Serve: 2-3

Multivegetable weight loss Soup

from spices, using fresh vegetables, a few herbs & salt.

cook fresh & consume fresh, makes a great homemade food gift.

Thanks to the always – Nityanandam Shree the author of Yogic Cook Book

Making your own Multi vegetable weight loss Soup is wonderfully easy and blissfully imprecise.

There is only 20-25 minutes of active time, it doesn’t really require a recipe, it uses up those spices & veggies in your kitchen you’ve been meaning to eat, it tastes great, it stores easily, and is highly customizable.

Other benefits of weight loss Soup :- 

Metabolism Booster, helps in quick weight loss.
Useful in Hair care & effective calorie cutter.
Helps to Reduce water retent
Very very useful in wrinkles & face beauty.


To make your own Multivegetable weight loss Soup, here is the recipe:


Ingredient in weight loss Soup 


Cumin (unbroken)

– ¼ tsp.

Black Pepper (unbroken) – 3-5 pc.

Bay leaves – 1 pc.

Star anise (unbroken) – 1 pc. – (optional)

Long pepper (unbroken) – 1 pc. – (optional)

Cloves (unbroken) – 1 pc.

Cinnamon (unbroken) – ½ inch pc.

Seedless Dry or fresh Red Chilly  – 1 pc.

Curcuma (Turmeric powder)  – 1 tsp.

Sweet pepperika (dred powder of bell peppers)  – 1 tsp. – (optional)

Rock salt (pink himalayan salt)  – 1 tsp. or as required.

Vegetables & other

Tofu 40 gm Or Soya nuggets – a handful (choose one a day)

Tomatoes – 1 cup chopped

Potato – 1 cup chopped – prefer unpeeled

Carrots Or Colored capsicums – chopped – 1 cup (choose one a day, if available)

Broccoli Or Cauliflower Or cabbage Or Pumpkin – chopped – 1 cup (choose one a day)

Multigrain Sprouts of moong, rajma etc – 9 day fully grown Or Apple ¼ pc.

Onions – chopped – 1 medium pc. – prefer white onions

Green onion – chopped – 1 pc. – prefer white onions

Green chili – chopped – 1 pc.

Garlic – 5-6 cloves

Ginger – grated – thumb sized

Olive oil or sesame oil 2 spoon (optional)

& a jug of water (about 700 to 900 ml)



Method / Directions & Preparation : – 

Step 1

Now Take a boil pan & add all spices except turmeric powder & salt.

Now !  Take a boil pan & add water in it.

Heat till starts boiling.

Now add spices in it.

Let it boil for 10 min approx.

Step 2

Now Add all vegetables in same pan along with boiling spices.

Let it boil for more 10 min.

Now ! add salt & turmeric powder.

You may also add olive oil or cows ghee in very very little quantity.

Let it boil, simmer, covered.

Now check if vegetables become soft & minimum half quantity of water is left then

off flame & garnish with coriander stems, green chilly chopped Or spring onion leaves.

Take it lukewarm.

Enjoy !




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