Vrat Idli having Pumkin & Banana – Renu Gupta

Total Time: 20 min, Prep-10 min, cooking- 10 min.  Level of making: medium,    Taste: Tasty,   Serve: 3-4

Vrat Idli having Pumkin & Banana

To make your own Vrat Idli having Pumkin & Banana here is the recipe

Benefits :-

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Ingredients :-

  • Vrat ka atta (Kuttu-Buckwheat flour) –  ¾ cup

  • Kaddu (pumpkin) – ¾  cup grated

  • Kaccha kela (Raw banana) – ¾ cup grated

  • Adrak (Ginger) – 1 tsp finely chopped

  • Hari mirch (Green chili) – 1 chopped

  • Sendha namak (Rock salt)  –  1  tsp. or as per taste

  • Dahi (Curd) – ½ cup

Method / Directions & Preparation : –

Step 1

  • Shift it into a bowl and add curd in it. mix well to make batter, add little water if required to make consistency like we make for idly.

  • Batter is ready, keep it aside for 15-20 min.

  • After 15-20 min add salt & baking soda in batter & mix well.

Step 2

  • Apply oil in idly stand & pour the batter in the idly stand.

  • Steam for 10 minutes and remove idlies from stand after five-six minutes.

Now !

  • Idlies are ready to serve.

  • Serve with coconut chutney, green chili chutney, coriander chutney, mint chutney, tomato chutney or tamarind chutney (choose any one)

Suggestions :-

You may add potatoes too in this recipe.

You could cook this recipe in microwave but prefer to cook in steamer as microwave is not good for health according to our yogic tradition.


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