Savikalpa – Navratri Special Diet – Moderate & Delicious – Vol 01 – Series 03


Savikalpa – Navratri Special Diet – Moderate & Delicious – Vol 02 – Series 03

Its is a special kind of grain free yogic diet for chetra Navratris (March-April)

Story behind this plan

Hindus keep fasting for nine days during navratras period as their religious belief. However according to yogic tradition of health & fitness the diet pattern that is followed during this period is very effective and considered as a fast weight loss diet. Fasting does not mean “Say No to food”. Fasting means Body & mind Detox – being closed to God. So start fasting and follow our diet plan to lose your excessive weight. If you plan to fast this Navratri special then make sure that it is done the healthy way. It can help you lose weight, wash your mind and will leave you feeling great! Even its good for those who do not want to reduce weight..

Namaami Bhagwatim prathme

Wake up with one to two Glass of Lukewarm water

& walk for a min, then go for fresh…

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue.

Practice Deep breathing 100 times

Click here to learn about deep breathing

Exercise minimum 10-30 min everyday to increase your metabolic rate. 

After 15-30 min of exercise

Go for bathing, Meditate & chant…

Add Rose petals in Bathing water

Now ! its time for

Morning Refreshment :-

Choose one each day


Banana Smoothie

Click here for different banana smoothie recipes


Coconut water 

with 4-5 almonds, 2 figs & 1/2 walnut (soaked overnight in water)


Potato Juice

a glass of juice having tomatoes, roasted cumin, black pepper etc.

Breakfast :-

Choose one each day


Swank Idly 

with mint chilly chutney


1 cup natural yogurt (curd)

having boiled potatoes, black pepper, roasted cumin, coriander & tulsi leaves etc.

suggestion :- you may add or skip salt as you please.


Singhare ka halwa 

having 25 g peanuts & 50 g cheese etc.


kaddu ka Meetha halwa 

having soaked almonds, walnuts & kharbooja seeds


Roasted Shakarkand (sweet potatoes)

having lemon


Mid Day Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks :-

Take both one after other having a gap of 40-50 min

Detox Tea

take 100-150 ml Detox tea.

Nimbu pani

having black pepper & stevia



10 min before Lunch / Starters :-


A glass of Nimbu pani

having black pepper & stevia – 30 min before lunch.

Lunch :-

Choose one a day


Paneer tikka with vegetables

with 1-2 small singhara ki roti 


Lemony Sweet Potatoes

(100 to 120 g)


1 small pot fat-free fruit yogurt


Grilled Veges

Potatoes, Tomatoes & Cheese grilled



e.g. Sabudana kheer, pulao, sabutana baked tikki etc


Miky Carrot Kheer

hot or cold

without sugar having stevia sweetner or little honey


After Lunch :-


Buttermilk (chhach)

having black pepper, roasted cumin etc.

Don’t take buttermilk if you already taken curd or milk in lunch.


Evening Refreshment / Energy-boosting snacks :-

Tea (optional)

with a handful of roasted peanuts

After 1 Hour of tea

Chia seeds (regular)

1 tbsp chia seeds soaked 20 min in water.


Dinner :-

Choose one a day


kaddu ki Sabzi

with or without 5-7 water chestnuts boiled



having badam rogan & 2 dry dates boiled


Tomato makhana Soup

having a handful of makhanas (fox nut / lotus seeds puffed)

For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Minimum 20 min walk after dinner is advised

For Best results repeat all options

That’s all

Yogic Diet

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