Aromatic Masala Shorba – Herbal Spices Stock & Vegetable bouillon – Metabolism Booster


Total Time: 40 min, Prep-10 min, cooking- 30 min

Level of making: easy,    Taste: Delicious,   Serve: 2-3

Aromatic Masala Shorba – Herbal Spices Stock & bouillon – Metabolism Booster

Today’s Recipe: How to make Stock & bouillon

from spices, using fresh vegetables, a few herbs & salt.

Keeps in the freezer for everyday use upto 2-3 days, makes a great homemade food gift.

Thanks to the always – Nityanandam Shree the author of Yogic Cook Book

Making your own Herbal Spices Stock & Vegetable bouillon is wonderfully easy and blissfully imprecise.

There is only 20-25 minutes of active time, it doesn’t really require a recipe, it uses up those spices & veggies in your kitchen you’ve been meaning to eat, it tastes great, it stores easily, and is highly customizable.

 All of these spices are aromatics, and you’ll realize that as soon as you start cooking them together; suddenly your kitchen smells like thanks giving.

Benefits  :- 

Metabolism Booster, helps in quick weight loss.
Useful in Headache & effective calorie cutter.
Also beneficial to reduce the lethargy after hangover / drunk.
Helps to Reduce water retention.
Very very useful in cough & cold.


To make your own Aromatic Masala Shorba – Herbal Spices Stock & bouillon, here is the recipe:


Ingredients :- 


Cumin (unbroken) – 1 tsp.

Fennel (unbroken) – 1 tsp.

Coriander seeds (unbroken) – 1 tsp.

Black Pepper (unbroken) – 1 tsp.

Bay leaves – 2-3 pc.

Star anise (unbroken) – 1 pc. – (optional)

Long pepper (unbroken) – 1 pc. – (optional)

Cloves (unbroken) – 3-4 pc.

Cinnamon (unbroken) – 2 inch pc.

Black cardamom (unbroken) – 1 pc.

Green cardamom (unbroken) – 4-5 pc.

Seedless Dry Red Chilly  – 1 pc.

Curcuma (Turmeric powder)  – 1 tsp.

Sweet pepperika (dried powder of bell peppers)  – 1 tsp. – (optional)

Rock salt (pink himalayan salt)  – 1 tsp. or as required.


Tomatoes – 1 cup chopped

Potato – 1 cup chopped

ginger – grated – thumb sized

Carrots – chopped – 1 cup (optional)

Onions – chopped – 1 cup – prefer white onions

Garlic – 5-6 cloves

You will also need a thin cottony cloth.

Olive oil 2 spoon (optional)

& a jug of water.



Method / Directions & Preparation : – 

Step 1

Now Take a thin cottony cloth & add all spices except turmeric powder & salt.

Pack add spices in that cloth.

Now !  Take a boil pan & add 1 & 1/2 liter of water in it.

Heat till starts boiling.

Now dip that packet of spices fastened in very thin cotton cloth.

Let it boil for 10 min approx.

Step 2

Now Add all vegetables in same pan along with boiling packet of spices.

Let it boil for more 10 min.

Now ! add salt & turmeric powder.

You may also add olive oil or cows ghee in very little quantity.

Let it boil, simmer.

Now check if vegetables become soft & minimum half quantity of water is left then

off flame & strain that stock in a bottle & refrigerator.

You may drink that stock as it is (lukewarm) in the adequate quantity of maximum 200 ml.

or you could add that broth / stock in your soups, dal / lentils or in vegetables

That will definitely enhance the taste of your recipe & will help to increase your metabolic rate.


Suggestions :-

Always prefer steel strainer to filtrate the solution, do not use plastic strainer as that is not good for health.

Do not throw away the blend of vegetables. that can be used as a paste / bouillon with your meals.

Do not throw away spices, reboil them in 1 liter of water on simmer to make decoction, mix & combine with previous stock to consume.

Keep this decoction in the freezer for everyday use upto 2-3 days.

If your Body have pitta prakruti, i.e. excess heat in your body then do not take it or take in very little quantity.



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