Vaata-Pitta Balancing Pro – Yogic Diet Plan – Vol 01 – Series 3


Vaata-Pitta Balancing Pro – Yogic Diet Plan – Vol 01 – Series 3

To keep one calm & relax

Nearly everywhere we look in nature, there are creatures engaging in some sort of consistent daily routine. The natural world at large is deeply influenced by the rhythms of nature – the rising and setting of the sun, the cycles of the seasons, and the underlying impulses directing the broader community of life. While there is often some degree of seasonal variation, many plants and animals embrace a predictable daily rhythm and, as a rule, live by it. As humans, we have largely gotten away from this habit. Modern forms of energy allow us to heat and cool our homes and businesses, light the darkness, and engage with life at all hours of the day and night. Many of us even have jobs and other obligations that require us to keep irregular schedules. The increasingly erratic nature of our lives is inherently taxing. Layer that on top of the busyness and stress that pervades modern life, and it is no wonder that so many of our nervous systems now exist in a chronic state of high alert – hyper-vigilant, increasingly unable to relax.

Let’s Start

Wake up & open your window
Take Deep Breaths for 2 min

Then stand up & drink a glass of plain water (Copper & silver charged stale water)

then take a short walk for 1 min then 

Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue


Take 5-6 Tulsi leaves

(engulf crushed leaves with water / Do not chew)

Now Practice Exercises 10 min

After 10 min of exercises

Set your routine schedule & take

A Glassful of Banana strawberry smoothie.

click here to see how to make banana strawberry smoothie.


1/2 cup of Aloevera juice having 4-5 spoon of Amla Juice 

Go For Walk..

After that Practice Breathing exercises & Stretching Exercises (Come Back)

Coconut water


Vegetable Dalia


Vegetable Poha with Tulsi tea

  • Everyday Salty tomato Curd  having roasted cumin, black pepper & cinnamon powder etc.

Mid-Day Refreshment :-

              1 Coconut water with 6-7 almonds & 1/2 walnut & 1 fig

(soaked overnight in water)


              2-3 Oranges without Salt having black pepper sprinled


       Seasonal Fruits 

              (Fruits idea  :-  Raspberries, Berries etc.)

Before Lunch :-  30 min Before lunch

1 glass Lukewarm water Or Normal water

(ask yourself what is desired Hot / lukewarm or normal)

Lunch :-

2 full bran Chapatti having ajwain with curd & seasonal vegetable.

you may take dal instead of curd & vegetable.


2 multigrain chapattis with Any seasonal vegetable as you like

( Vegetables Idea :- lauki mattar / Cabbage green peas / daal having paalak or lauki / tomato tofu )


2 Chapattis Full of bran stuffed

with spinach leaves / capsicum, ginger etc.

& buttermilk with this meal

After Lunch :-

(Immediately after lunch)

Chew Green fennel 1tsp.

 After 90 min of lunch drink water a lot.

Evening :-

        Corn soup 1 bowl having lemon & ajwain


           Strawberry Soya milk shake (Room Temprature)

        Dinner :-

Vegetable Rice Biryani

having unpeeled potatoes & carrot, ginger slices & green pea


Lemony Tomato cabbage salad & mix vegetable with  2 chapattis….

 Once in a week no Dinner (then only apple), to give rest to your digestion.

At Night :-

Take a glass of lukewarm Milk  having mild honey & turmeric.

Before go to bed, wash your feet & rub mustard oil below your both feet for 7-10 min.

For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture.

Use spices, fruits & veges according to season & nature of your body.

follow This plan once at least 6 days.

That’s all

Yogic Diet

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