Samaahaar – Quick weight loss diet – Series 2

rejuvenation diet program

Quick weight loss diet

Easy Plan for Busy Person

Its Common & Demo Version

Let’s start

Wake up & Take Deep Breaths for 2 min

Then stand up & drink a glass of Plain water (Copper & silver charged stale water)

Walk for 2 min then again

A glass of water (this time lukewarm) – Now Go for fresh

Now Brush Your Teeth

Take 5-6 Tulsi leaves (engulf with water / Do not chew)

Now Practice Exercises 10 min

After 10 min of exercises

Take ½ cup of aloevera juice & 4 spoon Amla juice in lukewarm water & start your day peacefully

or an other option instead aloevera amla is

Take Strawberry smoothie having 1 cup lukewarm water & 1/2 cup aloevera pulpy juice.

Now Massage your Body With Papaya, lemon & Tomato pulp

Or Massage with olive oil

After 15 min of massage Take Bath…with normal water.

Breakfast :-

2 Multigrain Flour^ Chapati having spinach leaves kneaded

with any seasonal vegetable & Tomato whole / not chopped

After 90 min of breakfast Drink water a lot

Mid Morning

Take Tulsi lemon Dip / boiled tulsi water with lemon juice.

Lunch :-


(An Apple with Strawberries, Pomegranate & 2 Handful of berries)

Do not sprinkle Salt on fruits as its not good for you.

After Lunch:-

Take a glass of Buttermilk having rock salt & black pepper & roasted cumin etc.

After 1 hour of Fruits Drink little water 

Evening 3-5 pm:

1 Cup Hot water once or twice (in sip-sip pattern)

Dinner :-

2 chapattis with daal & little Salad

having Lauki & cabbage etc

Dinner is optional. You may avoid dinner and can take milk only.

At Night :-

Take a glass of Lukewarm Milk having mild Stevia or honey.

For Best Results : Keep smiling Whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture

Use spices, fruits & Veges according to season & nature of your body.

follow This plan once at least 6 days.

That’s all for Quick weight loss diet

Its Yoginitya Presentation

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