No Salt Healthy Detox – Series 2


What is Healthy way to lose weight without loosing twist?

Here in this plan you will find out how to lose the weight with a healthy way, introducing changes gradually to reducing your calorie intake


No salt Detox (1-2 Days)

(Demo Version)

The key to shrink fat cells by reducing sodium in your diet.

A current theory is that a dangerous level of salt toxicity
can cause the body to produce more fat cells. And those sodium toxic fat cells can be denser and more difficult to get rid of. No salt for a day or two gives you feeling less bloated all day.

Certain conditions can result in the loss of too much salt from the body. It can occur from excessive perspiration, vomiting, diarrhea, diuretic medication, burns, and  excessive use of saunas, so do not perform in these conditions.

Use herbs and spices to make your food tasty without salt. Lemon juice activates the same taste buds as salt so can help improve the taste of food.

Exercise to improve circulation. It can help your kidneys get rid of the excess salt.

Hang on in there. It can take time for your taste buds to adjust to the salt free diet. Once they do you will find that when you eat out everything tastes far too salty.

 Let’s Start
Wake up with one to two glasses of water & go for fresh

After 5-7 min again a cup of lukewarm water having  ½ Sp. of ginger drops.

After that gentally brush your teeth
Then practice Deep Breathing (2-3 min Simple Inhale-exhale)
Now Practice anulomvilom Pranayam i.e. Alternate Breathing Technique & some other physical exercises.

 Morning Fuel:-

Now take 1 Apple Or A bowl of Papaya 

After 20-40 min of that… take your breakfast

Milky Oats Having a handful of raisins

Mid Morning Refreshment:-

1 Coconut Water with 4-5 almonds, 1 anjeer & 1/2 walnut soaked

Note:- You could interchange Mid morning Refreshment with Morning Fuel.


A Bowl of mix salad having black pepper sprinkled

You could add lemon & olive oil in it.


A bowl of Fruit Salad 

Fruit Idea- An apple + Guava & 1/2 pomegranate etc.

After 30-40 min of That

A Cup  of Salt less Buttermilk having roasted cumin & Black pepper etc.


Tulsi Tea

After 80 min of That Drink water.

Evening 3-5 pm Hot water twice

In evening:-

A Bowl Of Carrot Salad

(Dip Carrot in Boiling water for 2-3 min then take alongwith that water)


Strawberry milk

        Dinner : –

Milky Rice Or Milk*

*sometimes only Milk at night

For Best Results : keep smiling whole day.

 Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture

Take Lemon Infused water twice or thrice a day.

Follow this Diet pattern 1 to 2 days..

That’s all

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