The Yogic Diet Helps in Healing Colitis

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What is colitis?

Before we start with creating our diet for ulcerative colitis we must understand what exactly is ulcerative colitis? Colitis is an unceasing inflammation on our colon (the large intestine). The inner and upper lining of the colon are usually damaged from colitis that caused the inflammation and healing colitis is very much important.

During the process of inflammation, the cells are secreted and they can fight any infection that can damage the colon. This is the cause of why the colon is emptying constantly and why the patient has diarrhea. The ulcer is formed at the exact place where the inflammation has destroyed the colon lining. It can be accompanied with mucus or pus and bleeding from the sores. The symptoms are rectal bleeding, diarrhea and loss of appetite.

Colitis Healing Yogic Diet

(Demo Version)

The key to deal with colitis is to feed your body with essential nutrient  and

avoid the ones that won’t aggravate your digestive system.

Wake up with few sips of water then practice Deep Breathing
(100 times Simple Inhale exhale)
Then chew a Babool or Neem twig & engulf that saliva.

After that gentally massage your teeth with manjan / Herbal tooth powder mixed with mustard oil for 5 min
& left your mouth loose for 2-3 min

 Now take 1 spoon of Bilwadi churan* with water 

or You could take 70-100gms of Bael candy instead of Bilwadi Churan / Powder

After 40 min of that… take your breakfast

Oats having vegetables
Flattened Rice Poha / upma

After 15 min of Breakfast : 1 cup Takr**

After 1 Hour Of breakfast : Take 4 soon of Kutjarist***

After 70-90 min of breakfast drink water as desired in sip sip pattern

Mid Morning Snack:-

1 Glass of water of wheat****

Around 12:30 – 1:00 pm : 1 Apple & ½ cup of Pomegranate having rock salt & black pepper sprinkled.

After 20 min of that take 1 Glass Namkeen Lassi

 Lunch :-

2 Chapati with any seasonal Vegetable Like turnip, pumpkin or brinjal, okra etc.
OR another option of Lunch : Rice With Soupy Moong Dal

10 min after Lunch : 1 cup Takr**

After 40 min of That 1 pomegranate (Optional)

After 70-90 min of Lunch drink water as desired in sip sip pattern

In evening:-

1 Coconut water or 1-2 spoon Aloe-vera Juice
with or without 1-2 handful of Rice Flakes Namkeen Diet

30 min Before dinner 1 spoon of Bilwadi Churan*

or You could take 50-60gms of Bael candy instead of Bilwadi Churan / Powder

        Dinner : –

Vegetable poha or Oats Having Vegetables

After 1 Hour of Dinner:- Take 4 soon of Kutjarist***

For Best Results : Smile Whole Day & Say thanks to everything & everyone..

 Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture

Follow this Diet Pattern at least 7 days..

  1. * Bilwadi Churan is a powder of Bael Fruit(Aegle marmelos) commonly available at ayurvedic Store.  2. ** Takr is Curd blended with water having roasted cumin, blackpepper & rock salt.  3. ***Kutjarist is an ayurvedic syrup commonly available at ayurvedic Stores.  4. **** Water of wheat means steep 100gms of wheat grains in water overnight to make infusion & Drink that water.

Note:- Take these ayurvedic medicines after the recommendation of physician. 

That’s all

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