Super Conscious Yogic Diet – Series 2

yogic diet

Health is something, everyone should be taking seriously. Because health is wealth, truly said by a wise person. So, here are sharing yogic diet plan for better health.

Features of yogic diet

  1. Easy Weight lose
  2. Maintain
  3. Alleviate body pains
  4. Improves digestion

Here, we are sharing

Best Yogic Diet for health lifestyle

Wake up with ½ glass of

lukewarm water

and walk for 1 min and repeat this phenomenon for three more times……

After that gap of 25-30 min:-

Then ½ spoon of fenugreek (soaked overnight in water-chew well)

After that gap of 25-30 min:-

Morning fuel : 1 medium cup 180 gm of Fruit Curd.(Do not add Citrus fruits)

Breakfast : Suji Chillahhaving cabbage, cheese & red bell peppers etc.

with 1 green chilly or yogic pickle**

After 30 min of gap:-

A cup of hot Tulsi Mulethi Tea having stevia sweetner

12 noon (approx.) : Corn Soup

Just before starting salad ½ sp. fenugreek (soaked overnight in water- chew well)

2 pm : A huge bowl of Mix Salad having fresh ginger turmeric slices in it (if available),

also add black pepper, lemon & extra virgin olive oil.

Lunch : 2 whole wheat Chapati with any seasonal non leafy green vegetable + curd if its no rain (Curd is optional).


Only Oats having strawberries sprinkled while serving..

Evening 3 to 5 drink warm water alot.

Evening (5pm-7pm): An unpeeled Apple if required (without salt).

Before starting salad of dinner again ½ spoon of fenugreek (soaked overnight in water) then

Cabbage Salad with tomato etc

Dinner : Day 1 : Patanjali Maggi having tomato & Green peas in it.

Day 2 : Only milk

Day 3 : only milk

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Do Not Take soaked Fenugreek more than 5 day as that can cause Habituality


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